Top 5 Funny Bumper Stickers

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Top 5 Funny Bumper Stickers

Today you can enjoy the top 5 funny bumper stickers. They were hand picked and each will speak to you in a different way.

Some might not click with you at all, don’t get mad now.

5. Dad Farted! I Can’t Get Out!

The great thing about this particular one is that it’s magnetic so you can slap it on a friend’s car and crack up laughing as he drives away with no idea!

And it’s easy to remove so you won’t feel like that much of a “jerk” for pulling the prank.

You can order the Dad Farted Funny Bumper Sticker at Link opens in a new window.

4. Jesus Loves You

But everyone else thinks you’re an….

This one is a real bumper sticker (NOT magnetic).

Jesus Loves You Funny Bumper Sticker

You can order the Jesus Loves You funny bumper sticker at

3. No, I Won’t Help You Move

If you have a truck, you know what I mean. Everyone and their mothers is asking you to help move something.

That’s why now I ride a bicycle, and nobody asks me for !@#$! Just kidding, I still have a car…

Yes This Is My Truck No I Won't Help You Move Funny bumper sticker

This one too is a bumper sticker (NOT magnetic).

You can order this funny truck bumper sticker at Link opens in a new window.

2. Embarrassing My Children

…is a full time job.

If you are like my brother, you love embarrassing your kids whenever you have the chance. And if that’s the case you can wear this badge proudly on your vehicle…

Embarrassing my children is a full time occupation

If not, you can order one for someone you know who loves embarrassing their kids — get the funny bumper sticker at Link opens in a new window.

1. If You Can Read This

I can slam on my brakes and SUE YOU!

If You Can Read This I Can Slam On My Breaks And Sue You Funny Magnetic Bumper Sticker

This is an awesome bumper sticker because IT IS MAGNETIC so you can use it yourself and remove it whenever you want without damaging your vehicles finish.

Order the If You Can Read This… I Can Slam On My Brakes And Sue You. magnetic bumper sticker from Link opens in a new window.

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